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A sports technician highlights the classification, but asks for the team's tactical development for the final |  sport

A sports technician highlights the classification, but asks for the team’s tactical development for the final | sport

Coach Umberto Loser celebrated the ranking in the Pernambucano final, but he didn’t turn a blind eye to Sport’s mistakes. Despite the 1-0 win over Salgero, this Monday, the coach complained about the team’s lack of mobility. The comments also align with the position of the captain who was uncomfortable on the edge of the field during the match.

Of course we need to emphasize that we are happy to win, it is true that we won to play the decision and we have to appreciate this achievement. But it is clear that the performance needs to evolve. Half, when we pass a lot through the central aisle, where the opponent was well protected. We lost a little. Movement to expand the field

Sport 1 × 0 Salgero goal in the Pernambucano semi-finals

Coach weighting targeted all sectors of the team. In Lauser’s assessment, Sport arrived late in the match and gave Salgero an opportunity to block the match.

– To register and to build, we were late for the second time. In the second half we had more movement. We have to stress that the Salgueiro team has the power of marking, but that is the search for development. We’ll swing, but we’ll work hard to get ready.

“It is a start, we will swing, but we will prepare well for the first match in the final. Development is daily and the group is there. What makes us feel satisfied is that, even with the victory, understanding and wisdom of the athletes, they are upset because they knew that this could have led to more.”

Umberto Lauser in the sports field – Photo: Marlon Costa / Pernambuco Press