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A mixture of “Elden Ring” and “Pokémon Scarlet”: the result is amazing!

A mixture of “Elden Ring” and “Pokémon Scarlet”: the result is amazing!

This gameElden ring“Won the Game of the Year award from The Game Awards 2022, we all already know! But what many probably didn’t realize is that the game”Scarlet pokemonIt was a huge success. Which led to the best game launch in the entire history of video games.

With that said, we can imagine that a combination of these two powers could be very good, right? Basically a Modder I decided to create this Mixture And achieved an impressive result. Keep reading and find out how this combination of “Elden Ring” and “Pokémon Scarlet” can be so successful.

Successful combination

Although “Pokemon Scarlett” has received many criticisms because of it performancethe Game It was launched amazingly and achieved millions of sales in just three days of release. That is, even if there are criticisms, we cannot deny that it is the biggest and best game launch in the entire history of video games.

In this way, “Pokémon Scarlet and Violet” brings many new functions and tools to the “Pokémon Scarlet and Violet” game franchise.PokemonThus, the game won the hearts of old fans and managed to conquer countless new players, even though it kept some of the classic concepts already known from the franchise.

So, for “Pokémon” fans and players who have always dreamed of a game that is more realistic and offers better graphics, modern Created for the “Elden Ring” which basically fits like a hand in a glove. This is because it saves resources from both games due to the “mashup” done.

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Moreover, this achievement is due not only to the quality, but also to some changes, such as the replacement of some enemies with monsters such as Quaxly, Smoliv, Lechonk and Skeledirgev.

And to close with a golden key, the Modder Appearance has also changed Letter The main one, he put it on with the trainer’s uniform, as well as the horse Torrent, which became the legendary Koraidon.

However, conscious of this popularity, the Modder He admitted that despite the fact that the original idea was nothing more than a trailer, it is likely that after the number of messages received, he would be able to publish an unfinished version of modern It includes many elements that can be seen in the video.

Thus, he can decide whether to work on a new, more complete version.