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A huge planetary umbrella may be the solution to global warming!

A huge planetary umbrella may be the solution to global warming!

Sometimes solving the most complex problems involves the simplest things. I don’t know if I read this in an online phrasebook or if it was teaching to a distant aunt. What I do know is that this concept never made as much sense as it does now.

Scientists from Planetary Shadow Foundation A working group was formed to study and promote the idea of ​​introducing a space umbrella to help combat climate change.

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The researchers claim that the mission is already possible thanks to the technology we have today. According to them, the solar sail system from the US space agency NASA will be used.

The giant structure will be assembled here on Earth and launched into space. The rest must be modified in orbit. The parachute will be installed at the Sun-Earth Lagrange-1 point.

Image: Planetary Sun Shadow Foundation

Once installed, according to scientists, it will be able to reflect sunlight, reducing the intensity of radiation to which we are exposed.

Three pillars against global warming

Morgan Goodwin, executive director of the Planetary Sunshade Foundation, believes that combating global warming must be based on a three-fold rule: reducing greenhouse gas emissions; Carbon dioxide removal. Controlling solar radiation – the umbrella falls within this last topic.

“To avoid the worst impacts of climate change, the world must rapidly phase out the use of fossil fuels, remove gigatonnes of carbon from the atmosphere, and reduce incoming solar radiation.”came in Interview with Space.com.

“Our survival as a civilization depends on our ability to wisely and intentionally change the way we interact with our planet.”Complete.

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Goodwin highlights that world leaders are discussing reducing gas emissions, but are working under very long deadlines. Moreover, according to him, even if decarbonization strategies succeed, the planet faces the risk of becoming uninhabitable if the problem of solar radiation is not solved.

Climate and “Doomsday Clock”

  • Or that the “Doomsday Clock,” as it is known, continues to advance, among other reasons, due to global warming.
  • In fact, the latest news and studies on this topic show that the situation is getting worse.
  • For example, carbon dioxide levels are the highest they have been in 14 million years, according to recent research which we talk about here at Olhar Digital.
  • Moreover, the melting of West Antarctica has already reached an irreversible point.
  • It is true that a few days ago COP28 reached a global commitment to end fossil fuels.
  • But, said Morgan Goodwin, executive director of the Planetary Sunshade Foundation, the deadlines are too long and the planet is already starting to foot the bill.