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50-year-old woman invests R$73,000 in plastic surgery to ‘go back to 30’

50-year-old woman invests R$73,000 in plastic surgery to ‘go back to 30’

Kellie Paisley invested R$73,000 in plastic surgery to ‘bounce back’ to 30 | Photo: Playback / TikTok

American Kelly Paisley, 50, went viral on social media after sharing her desire to undergo cosmetic procedures to “go back to 30”. However, the result divided the opinions of netizens, who even said that the woman did not have the expected effect.

The woman said on social media that her dream of a wrinkle-free facial skin and lines of expression appeared on her face.

To perform the procedure, Beasley travels to the city of Tijuana (Mexico), on the border with San Diego (California, USA) and reveals that he has spent about $14,800 (equivalent to R$73,000) on a type facelift. From surgery aimed at delaying aging. The recovery, she said, lasted about four months.

On TikTok, Kelly shared a video showing the entire healing process, as well as showing the outcome of the surgery. The post has already reached more than 700 thousand views.

“Here’s my version 2.0. I’m living my best life right now. If you want it, go for it. Don’t be shy,” she said.

However, some people contradict women: “I don’t see much difference,” said a netizen. Another said: “Beautiful, but she’s not 33, I am.” But the criticism was met by other followers: “Someone noticed that people who always have something negative to say literally have no pictures of themselves at all on social networks,” defended one follower.

Watch the transformation video:

@tweet This is my version 2.0. I live my best life here!! If you want it go for it. No embarrassment! 😘💕 # Beautifying # necklift # sick # Regression ♬ Makeba – Jain

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