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These apps can harm your phone;  Delete now!

5 perfect cell phones for those who keep dropping them on the floor

Dropping a smartphone on the ground is usually a concern for people, although there is a segment of devices that are more powerful, but they are usually more expensive. Unfortunately, most of the models are still fragile, which has led to an insurance proposal aimed at users who do not want to incur greater losses due to damage to the screen or part of it.

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Discover the “most powerful” mobile phones

Caterpillar CAT B100

Caterpillar manufactures agricultural machinery and decided to release shockproof cell phones. The CAT B100 has a long battery life, and is water and dust resistant, with a drop potential of up to 6 meters. The model is marketed in Europe only for 150 euros and there are no prospects for expansion.

Download Doogee v20

Made of aerospace grade carbon fiber, it features contact Fifth generation network, with a 64MP camera and night sensor, which differentiates itself from other powerful brands that don’t care about photo quality. The line’s focus is on extreme sports, such as mountain climbers.

Ulefone Armor 8 Pro

Ulefone Armor was created to make devices that withstand multiple drops more popular. Virtually indestructible, the borders are thick and it can be purchased on International Purchase for around R$1,299.00, making it a top choice for Brazilians.

Galaxy Xcover Pro

those who want prison cell More aesthetic and do not want to give up the resistance, you can resort to traditional brands. Samsung has the Galaxy XCover Pro, which can withstand water and temperature changes. In promotional values ​​it is possible to find it for R$ 1,214.

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Motorola defies

Another aesthetically pleasing option, due to its cool ending, is Defy, for those who live a fast-paced routine. The screen is film-coated and its structure allows the device to be washed with soap and water. Unfortunately, the font is not available in Brazil.