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3 infallible tips to win at Tele-Sena

3 infallible tips to win at Tele-Sena

Discover the infallible secrets that Silvio Santos may be hiding from you to win the big Tele-Sena prizes

a Tele Sina It is one of the most beloved and well-known draws for Brazilians. It functions as a single payment capitalization bond and was launched in November 1991 by Command Capitalism S/A.

In July 1975 it ended up being sold to a company Silvio Santos CollectionIt is currently responsible for issuing capitalization bonds.

your lottery, It is traditionally served every week, Until 7:45 p.m. during Silvio Santos Program In the SBT, Sunday.

Start the year with a full pocket!

according to State portalFirst draw from Tele Sena Weekly Award Winnera special edition of 2024, takes place in this Sunday (07) A will be distributed A house worth R$300,000In addition to the draw for A A car worth 70 thousand Brazilian reals.

It is worth noting that Tele-Sena Semanal Premiada offers five distinct sets, each containing twenty identical numbers. The title given will be the owner of the twentieth Dozens were drawn for the respective prizes.

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Check out the draw calendar below:

  • Today: 1st draw (01/07/2024 – 1 house worth R$300,000 + R$100,000)
  • Second draw (01/14/2024 – 1 house worth R$300,000 + R$100,000),
  • Third draw (01/21/2024 – 1 house worth R$300,000 + R$100,000),
  • Fourth draw (01/28/2024 – 1 house worth R$300,000 + R$100,000), and
  • Fifth draw (02/04/2024 – 1 house worth R$300,000 + R$100,000).

What are the secrets to winning over Tele-Sena in 2024?

What many do not know is that there are 3 infallible secrets, which Silvio Santos is probably hiding under lock and key, to win the jackpot in a simpler and easier way.

As posted on the Venezia portal, the tips are:

1- Buy multiple cards: Buying multiple cards can significantly increase your chances of winning, as Tele Sena holds weekly draws and cards are valid for five weeks.

Other than that, each card includes “Win ​​Now” scratch cards, where by scratching the indicated locations you can win various prizes, such as vehicles, a house, cash, renovations and much more.

2- Follow up on withdrawals: It is important to follow the withdrawals so as not to get lost in the result. After all, Tele Sena has a “more points” and “less points” method, which can only be decided after the last draw, which takes place in the fifth week.

So, plan to be able to follow all the draws and check the Tele Sena results. So, calculate your score to make sure you have won the prize.

3- Participation in the special campaign draw: Take advantage of Tele Sena campaigns with special dates, such as Tele Sena das Mãoes, in São João, and others. These campaigns usually feature weekly prizes with a much higher prize value.

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So, stay informed about when you can buy your Tele Senas cards with special campaigns and bonuses Your chance to win amazing prizes.

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