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by Free Speech on March 2, 2009

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Pegged Right – by Peg Zaemisch

It is with great chagrin that I realized since I haven’t been writing my Pegged Right as regularly as I usually have in the past and that means I am remiss in sharing some good news with my gentle readers. I have in fact, let the news of my new granddaughters get a bit stale (at least in the journalistic sense). So let us sally forth … There is only one thing better than having three beautiful grandchildren and that is having five beautiful grandchildren. Yes, again the Zaemisch family has pulled the old lucky lever in the lottery of life and gotten another set of twins. Like the first set – they are perfect. That of course surprises no one … at least not any grandparents. My middle son Chad and his wife Cathy are the proud parents of Claudia Marie (named after her Granny) and Audra Ellen (named after her Nana). Sweet little girls delivered the day after Election Day and healthy as can be. AND CUTE? Oh my word. It is fun to have babies around again. My first twin grandchildren, Hunter Karl and Gabriella Rose are now 8-years old and our littlest one, Micah Susan is already 6-years old. Babies in batches seems like a nice way to do it. The new twins live in Atlanta and boy, I have to tell you there is a lot of geography between Georgia and Wisconsin . So, I have only seen them once when they were three weeks old at Thanksgiving time. They have dark goosey fuzz hair and huge dark eyes. I held them, jiggled them, hugged them, patted them and then started all over with the other twin. Babies are better i n pairs, you never run out. Their skin is so soft you hardly feel as if you’re touching their little faces. The back of their necks, right where that black fuzzy hair curls up around their sleepers smells like babies. A smell that can’t be compared to anything except new baby neck. They are very good babies, quite cheerful and happy to be here. Of course they might crank a little now and then – but don’t we all?

Peg's Newest Granddaughters

Peg's Newest Granddaughters

However, I didn’t think they should have to lie in their crib and fuss when there was a perfectly good Granny in the house. So after a week, I went back home with my arms sort of locked in the holding position. As I was going out the door, Cathy said, “I don’t know what is wrong with Audra, she’s fine when I am holding her … but when I put her down she starts to fuss.” Hmmmmmmm? Well, time for Granny to go home now. Bye-bye. As I stood in line to board my plane, I caught myself clutching my bag and rocking back and forth. Back and forth. Patting my purse as if to bring up a burp. How much would they gro w before I would see them again? I was sure they wouldn’t remember their Granny’s voice. I know they won’t remember me between visits until they are much older. So I rocked back and forth and wept. Quietly, crying in public is something I try hard to avoid (ruins my tough image). This having new babies to play with and not be able to play with them was all new to me – since my other grandchildren live in Stoughton . How was this going to work? How was I going to spoil (I mean get to know) these two wee ones? As it turns out, Chad and Cathy are doing a great job of getting to know these two bright eyed little girls and maybe, yes, maybe spoiling them just a bit – as I always think they should be. Why have babies if you can’t jiggle them and kiss their chubby cheeks when you want? They are now almost four months old now and are talking and laughing and fully engaging their parents most of the time. The new Mom and Dad are having a ball with them and are doing a great job. They send me lots of photos via email and even a video of Audra carrying on a conversation. She’s going to be a talker. Claudia is more for batting her long curly eyelashes and smiling this little shy toothless smile. There are plans underfoot to meet up this summer and I hope it all works out. I will be so far behind on my work as a Granny, there will be much snuggling to catch up on and of course rocking back and forth, back and forth.

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