Wisconsin Conservation Congress Changes Spring Hearing Format For 2012

by Free Speech on September 3, 2011

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Wisconsin Conservation Congress Announces Changes to Annual “Spring Hearing” and Congress County Meeting in 2012



STEVENS POINT – The Wisconsin Conservation Congress today announced that there will be some changes to the Spring Hearings, their annual joint meeting with the Department of Natural Resources that historically has focused on proposed changes to fish and game rules.


“The Wisconsin Conservation Congress Executive Council voted today to move forward with the annual spring meetings in April, but with a slightly different format,” said WCC Chairman Rob Bohmann. “In light of Act 21, which requires some changes to the department’s rule making process, and a recent charge from the Governor to the Congress to review regulations for possible areas of simplification and obstacles to participation, at this year’s spring meeting, we will be holding a town hall meeting format for part of the meeting and asking citizens to bring their ideas for regulation simplification and areas of conservation concern.”  The 2012 spring meeting will be held April 9.


The Spring Hearings and WCC County Meetings are held annually the second Monday in April in all 72 counties of the state.  Traditionally, the meeting is an opportunity for citizens to comment and participate in a non-binding vote on proposed rule changes forwarded by the Department and advisory questions forwarded by the Conservation Congress.  It is also an opportunity for citizens to bring forth their ideas for change in the form of a resolution.


“This year the WCC will still have advisory questions for citizen input and will take resolutions from citizens, but we are encouraging other user groups and conservation minded individuals to come and engage in a county level conversation about issues facing Wisconsin’s natural resources,” said Bohmann. “We are looking to the future, how we can be more responsive and engaging to the public, and broaden the scope of issues we review.”


The Wisconsin Conservation Congress looks forward to continuing to partner with the DNR and gather citizens input to more effectively manage our natural resources.



For more information contact Rob Bohmann (262)498-4605 or Kari Lee-Zimmermann (608)266-0580.

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