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by Free Speech on September 16, 2009

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Lodi, WI


Tail Baits like the "Water-Chopper" produce some incredible strikes.

Tail Baits like the "Water-Chopper" produce some incredible strikes.

Catching a musky on any type of lure or bait is a thrill that you soon won’t forget.  Catching muskies on “top-water” lures is something you may never forget! Watching a huge musky surface 2’ to 3’ behind your bait, pushing water with its forehead and attacking your bait is the ultimate musky high. Especially when they grab it… you get a hook-up and they fly out of the water head-shaking and tail-dancing.

Make sure you feel the weight of the fish before you get the hooks,  because often times you are anticipating the strike and pull the bait away from the fish.  Make sure your hooks are “razor-sharp.”  We use a combination of 2 types of files, a Smitty Double round file, and a Luhr-Jensen flat file with the yellow handle.  A good top-water musky rod will be from 7’6” to 8’6” long and have plenty of power.  The longer musky rods we use today allow us to cast farther, figure 8 better, and set the hook harder.  For line we like Spider-wire Stealth Musky Braid in 80lb and 100lb test.  These new Teflon coated super braids cast farther, have small diameters, and have no stretch.  They are super-strong. For a leader we like the new fluorocarbon type musky leaders because they take abrasion well and do not kink like the solid wire or braided 7-strand metal leaders.  For a good musky reel, try an Abu-Garcia 6500-C3 or similar model.  The Garcia brand reels are “tried and true-ed” and they have proven their selves to be tough and durable.

The side to side splish / splash action of the "Fish-Stick" drives muskies wild!

The side to side splish / splash action of the "Fish-Stick" drives muskies wild!

Muskies will hit top-water lures most of the season, in the right situation, but the 3rd week of August into early October is normally “prime time” top-water action.  During August a seasonal weather change happens called “Photo-periodism.” What this means is the amount of day light each 24 hour period becomes less each day.  All animals, creatures, and fish sense this change and they become more active.  Muskies start chasing more and they seem to feed more often.  It is proven though decades of muskies being caught & released on top-water baits, that August opens the door to this highly productive and very exciting technique for catching the mighty musky.

Don’t forget to listen to “Outdoor Horizons Radio” on Saturday mornings @ 8:00am.  AM-1670 on your dial.  Take a kid musky fishing and if you don’t have one…borrow your neighbors!

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