Spring Creek Cleanup June 13

by Free Speech on June 5, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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Lodi, Wisconsin
by Fred Hofmann

The May 16th cleanup of Spring Creek yeilded many interesting items.

The May 16th cleanup of Spring Creek yeilded many interesting items.

On May 16, three brave souls embarked down Spring Creek on a chilly morning of 46 degrees to pluck trash and clear a number of downed trees. Six bulging trash bags filled primarily with plastic soda bottles and a lesser quantities of Styrofoam cups, plastic bags and the always surprising miscellaneous category. Within that category were an orange traffic cone, a deteriorated foam ball, eight feet of four inch drainage tube, an unopened one gallon container of antifreeze and of course, the usual dirty duck from Susie Days. As the morning wore on, the sun did warm us and the day of cleaning the creek was quite pleasant. For all of the kayak and canoe enthusiasts in the Lodi area, it is now possible to paddle, unobstructed, from Goeres Park to the first bridge on the north end of Don Thistle’s property.

The second cleanup day of the season is scheduled for June 13. If you are a willing volunteer and would like to accelerate the progress of clearing Spring Creek all the way to Lake Wisconsin, please come to the Water Treatment Plant on Fair Street at 8:30 AM on June 13th. Bring a canoe, if possible, a snack, water, and loppers. We will attempt to end the work day by 12:30 – 1:00. On June 13th we will initiate the use of the new chainsaw winch recently purchased by the Friends of the Scenic Lodi Valley. This will greatly increase the ability to pull deadfalls out of the creek and save on the backs of all volunteers.

Thank you to Jean Hofmann and Charlie Luthin for leaving a hot cup of cofffe at the kitchen table and braving a chilly morning on May 16th to further the Spring Creek Water Trail project.

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