Second Community Forum Held

by Free Speech on May 23, 2011

Lodi, WI~

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Last Wednesday evening about thirty people attended a second community forum on proposed State budget impacts on recycling, water quality, and library funding. With Trish Priewe as moderator, three knowledgeable speakers presented the issues and then took questions from the audience. Wisconsin State Senator Mark Miller was in the audience and participated.

Bill Casey, Director of the Columbia County Recycling and Waste Processing Facility, briefly described the County’s 30-year-old program as one of the first to have county-wide recycling. The program has also kept household recycling consistent throughout its lifetime. He noted that over half its annual budget is spent on collection and that they currently have 17 employees. Columbia County also has one of two working digesters in Wisconsin. The digester composts garbage, providing an advantageous product to farmers and also heating the Processing Facility’s buildings in winter. Next Ron Martin, a retired 34 year DNR water specialist, summarized several water quality issues affecting municipal water treatment facilities. He also pointed out that Wisconsin’s DNR department provided guidelines for the rest of the nation in air management and water quality programs. Finally, Kristine Millard, Co-Director of the Lodi Woman’s Club Library updated everyone on the three main library funding issues. While Badger-Link funding had been restored to the budget, Maintenance of Effort, which maintains a consistent level of funding from the city, was not restored. The South Central Library System also had to absorb a 10% cut in funding. Letter-writing to state, county, and municipal officials and legislators is needed now.

The next Community Forum will be held on Wednesday, June 1, at the Lodi Woman’s Club Library from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. State budget impacts on Lodi area farming, and land use and preservation will be discussed.

Peter Berthold

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