Letter To The Editor: Cutting School Funding Is A Terrible Injustice

by Free Speech on June 16, 2011

Lodi, WI~

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The Republicans in power in Wisconsin have decided to cut public education by 1.6 Billion dollars, while increasing school choice options for higher income families.  As a taxpayer, I choose not to support choice schools who can infuse religious dogma, partisan ideology and scientific misinformation, for ANY income family.  Republican Mary Lazich argued last week in her guest column that choice schools achieve better results than public schools.  Well, yes, perhaps they can, when they have the ability to CHOOSE their students!  Without public schools, the average child will not get an appropriate education that will teach them accurate history, civics or science.  Your tax dollars are now being stolen from our public schools.  What do you intend to do about this terrible injustice to Wisconsin’s children?

Lyn Lorenz
Poynette, WI.

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