Highway V Improvements Update

by Free Speech on September 8, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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Lodi, WI
by Martha Dodge Alberti

The Hwy V public information meeting on Tuesday was well attended, with almost 100 people in attendance.
Ayres Associates had numerous maps, photos and drawings for us to see before and after the presentation.
Some of the things you may find interesting from the presentation:
·       Routing Highway V down Shamrock Rd. onto Hwy 113 is still considered a viable option which will also require upgrading Old Sauk Rd. and the Old Sauk and Hwy 113 rail crossing.
·       There are also 2 revised options for improving the Highway V/113 intersection in the present location (referred to as alternatives A1 and A2)
·       The county apparently will not receive federal money for the project if it doesn’t include curbs and gutters through Okee and out V past the curve east of Red Cedar
·       Sidewalks are planned for most of the project
·       Parking is planned for both sides of the road through Okee; with some additional diagonal parking, like that in front of the schoolhouse
·       Parking is planned on the hill side of the Rapp Rd to Red Cedar stretch
·       The bridge clearance will be raised about 6 “ and the deck of the bridge will be about 14” higher
·       The bridge will be 10-15” further to the north (to the lake side)
·       The bridge with some repairs probably has a remaining life of 20-25 years (I had been under the impression that the need for replacement was urgent)
·       How storm water from the curbs will be handled has yet to be determined for the Okee area
·       The tentative plans are for a detention pond near Red Cedar for the stretch from the Okee Park to the end of the curb
·       Ryan Rd. and Hwy V intersection will be revised and upgraded to a 55 mph curve (the drawing looks similar to the Hwy 113 and Hwy P intersection)
·       They hope to start acquiring easements in 2010 with construction in 2012

You can see the plans, maps, photos and associated costs at http://www.columbiacountyv.com/index.html.  The direct link to the September 2 meeting is http://www.columbiacountyv.com/September2009PIM.html

A small group of us have had some meetings with the Town of Lodi engineer, the Columbia County engineers, the Highway Commissioner and Ayres Associates, the consulting firm hired by the County, to try to lessen the impacts on the property owners and residents of the planned improvement area.  We have seen some evidence of those meetings in the most recent plans.

It is not too late to let the county and the consultant know what you like and what you don’t like about the plans.  They tell us that “nothing is cast in stone.”  If we don’t let our wishes be known, the County will assume we don’t care.  Even if you have signed a petition or sent letters previously, they are interested in hearing your comments again after seeing or learning about the most recent presentation.  You can send your comments to Eric Sorensen , SorensenE@AyresAssociates.com  and Kurt Dey , the Highway Commissioner, Kurt.Dey@co.columbia.wi.us and of course, your elected officials, such as, John Pickle , Town Chairman at townlodi@charter.net .

Please pass this on to anyone you think may be interested.  We don’t have email addresses for many of your neighbors.  If anyone else would like to be included in future updates have them send us their email addresses.

Thanks for your interest in this project that will affect all of us who love Okee.

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