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by Free Speech on October 21, 2009

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Date:               October 14, 2009

To: Kurt Dey , Commissioner , Columbia County Highway & Transportation Dept.
Eric Sorensen , PE, Ayers Associates
Andy Ross , Chairperson, Columbia County Highway Committee

From: Town of Lodi Board of Supervisors

Subject: County Road V (Okee) Project

The Town of Lodi Board had an agenda item on our board meeting of October 7, 2009 concerning a possible position on the various components of the CTH V/STH 113 project as presented in Public Information Meetings by the Ayers and Associates Engineering and the Columbia County Highway Department.

First, many residents wish that nothing would be done, other than improving the intersection!  However, that does not seem to be an option. Therefore, the following points are supported by the Town of Lodi Board members

1.  The #1 reason for modifying the intersection of CTH V and STH 113 should be for safety.  The safe travel of our residents and visitors is our major concern.  To achieve this level of safety it is the opinion of the Board that the new footprint of this intersection should be as close as possible the footprint of the existing intersection.  The improvements for line of sight (shaving down the hill on STH 113), angle of intersect with STH 113, improved turn lanes and traffic movement and upgraded stop signs all can be addressed with some modification of the current footprint. Alternatives B1 and B2 are not acceptable as the Town of Lodi has previously gone on record  (letter dated June 19, 2009 ) to not  support making Shamrock into CTH V.

2.  We encourage the new CTH V plan to allow the residents of our Town to keep our community looking as rural as possible, while still meeting the requirements of the County.

3.  We would like to encourage driving lanes on CTH V to be as narrow as possible (11 or 12 feet wide).  The narrow lanes should encourage drivers to slow down.  Once the road is straightened wider lanes would encourage higher speeds.

4.  We encourage the design team eliminate terraces as an option, where possible, to reduce the space needed to accomplish the project. Sidewalks are preferred to be as close to the curbs as possible

5.  A major concern is the collection, storage and movement of storm water before it goes into the lake. This is a major problem in the Demynck Road area and creates lake water quality problems and our residents do not want to repeat this problem.  Associated with the first sentence is: who is responsible for maintaining the storm water structures after the project is completed? Will these structures be low maintenance?  Can we be assured that the WI DNR will protect our lake?  Will the project include moving the storm water runoff to a location where the water can filter through the sand prior to going into the lake?  What does the use of the phrase “minimum required by the WI DNR ” for storm water management mean?  Eric Sorensen used that phrase at the last Public Information Meeting, and it was brought up in our discussions.

6.  The addition of curb and gutters seems to require less land than a ditch and it also provides some advantages for parking and possible walking/biking travel along CTH V, and if required for the Federal and/or WI DOT funds then so be it, again remembering that many of the citizens would prefer nothing at all to be done.  Either curb and gutters or ditches will impact our community and make it look less rural than the existing travel corridor.  Curb and gutter make our rural community look like a city.

6.  There seems to be little citizen resistance with what the engineers and/or county want to do from Fitz ’s to Rapp Road .

7.  The junction of Ryan Rd. and CTH V is pretty nice now and in our opinion needs little modification.  Having a two to four foot paved shoulder would provide space for relatively safe biking and walking use along CTH V.

8.  Boat clearance beneath the bride on the causeway could be raised six inches or so, however, there is little need to raise the bridge significantly.

9.   Parking in this project between Red Cedar and toward Rapp Road , in our opinion should be limited to parallel parking on the hill side of the road.  Parking from Rapp Road to Shamrock Road should have diagonal parking from Fitz’s to just past the Okee school and best fit for the remaining roadway along the isthmus.


I, April D. Goeske, being duly sworn as Clerk-Treasurer of the Town of Lodi, Columbia County, Wisconsin, do hereby certify that this is a true and correct copy of the letter approved by the Lodi Town Board at their Special Town Board meeting on Wednesday, October 14, 2009 .

Dated this 14th day of October, 2008.

April D. Goeske

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