New Poll Shows Overwhelming Opposition to Open-Pit Mining Bill.

by Free Speech on February 20, 2012

Lodi, WI~

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The results of a poll conducted over the weekend find strong opposition from the voting public to provisions found in the open-pit mining bill (AB 426/SB 488). Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters’ statement on the results of the poll:

“At a time of great division in Wisconsin politics, this poll finds that Wisconsin voters are overwhelming united in their opposition to the open-pit mining bill. Whether it’s rolling back environmental protections, quieting the voice of citizens, or forcing tax payers to pay for the mining company costs – Wisconsin voters oppose each of the key provisions in the open-pit mining bill. This is further evidence that legislators must slow down and re-evaluate their approach if they are to earn the support of key voting constituencies this spring and fall, especially women and independent voters.”

The results of this poll are consistent with a poll conducted in October 2011 by the conservative-leaning Wisconsin Public Research Institute.

View the complete poll here.

View the poll analysis memo by Public Policy Polling here.

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