What’s Up With Badger? Public Meeting Called For Feb 9th To Discuss WiDNR Master Plan For Badger Ammo Lands!

by Free Speech on February 3, 2013

Lodi, WI~

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Who?                 The Sauk Prairie Conservation Alliance

What?          A public meeting and conversation about the  future of the Badger Army Ammunition Plant, the present status of the WiDNR Master Planning process, and the importance of community  participation in the discussion.

When?      Saturday, February 9, 2013, at 6:30 p.m.

Where?     Sauk Prairie River Arts Center Gallery, at the Sauk Prairie High School,   105 9th Street, Prairie du Sac.

Why?                  The Wisconsin DNR is preparing a Master Plan for the proposed Sauk Prairie Recreation Area (Badger).   After a decade-long DNR commitment to a conservation future for Badger, the current DNR leadership has decided that  off-road vehicles and other intensive recreational uses might be a good fit with            the low-impact activities envisioned by the Badger Reuse Plan. 


What direction will we take?  Shall we move forward to implement the vision of a carefully-integrated set of conservation-oriented land uses and quiet, restorative, nature-based activities that respect and support a healthy diversity of wildlife and plant species?  Or do we take a step backward to a scene of intrusive, high-powered noise and destruction?


The Sauk Prairie Conservation Alliance invites you and your neighbors to join us in a public dialogue about the future of Badger, to renew our understanding of its cultural and ecological importance to our community and to the state.  Discuss the steps needed to ensure the implementation of the Badger Reuse Plan and ensure its promise of Conservation, Restoration, Sustainable Agriculture and LOW-IMPACT recreation.

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