A market A musing 5-13-10

by Gail Lamberty on May 13, 2010

Lodi, WI~

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The Lodi Valley Farmer's Market is held Friday afternoons, April through October in the parking lot of the Northern Edge, corner of CR J and SR 113 in Lodi, WI

Market Manger Gail Lamberty is excited about the Market's season

In the baseball film Field of Dreams the theme was Build it and they will come. At the Lodi Valley Farmers’ Market last Friday the theme was Vendors fight the rain and shoppers will
come. And you did. You really did!!!

Three hearty vendors–Wally with seafood, Tom Priske with asparagus, and Susan Wagner with soap arrived determined to overcome the weather…and they did! Tom had 25 shoppers stop by for his lucius asparagus. It certainly helped that the drive–by/buy model was in full operation. Most pulled up really close to the table, rolled down the window and Tom ran out with bags of fresh green asparagus. Some hearty folks left the comfort of their cars to shop. Wally was parked right next to Tom and a number of folks decided a bit of shrimp or fish was just the right touch to top off dinner.

We made it through the cold afternoon with moral support visits from vendors Jack Berry and Deb Fallon. Market Team champion, Allison Seaton, saved the day for all of us. She treated us to coffee and hot chocolate to sustain us through the rain. Too wet for a camp fire to keep warm so she brought along a candle for us to warm our hands. Never let it be said that the Lodi market is anything less than determined and creative.

A promise of sunshine for Friday will bring back the full slate of vendors. We have remaining Arbor Day trees to give away and a drawing for the sewing machine drawer created by Jack Berry filled with seeds, onion sets and seed potatoes to start your garden. Master gardner, Pam Sheeks will offer her suggestions with all the tricks to get your garden off to a good start. Vendors will be well supplied with spring vegetables, plants, and flowers.

See you at the market on Friday 2-6

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