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by Free Speech on August 12, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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Lodi, WI
by Gail Lamberty

Buck and the gang sang, a Susie clone floated in the market pond, amazing desserts were entered, judged, and shared with our shoppers  while friends and neighbors shopped the market.  Oh, did I mention lots of rain? Lots of rain but rain has never slowed down the Friday market.  Just your usual fun day at the Lodi Valley Farmers’ Market!

You’ve head of string quartets?  Nothing compared to Buck and his friends making it a Market string sextet.  Fun music, guest gal vocalist and fans cheering provided our very own sunshine amidst the rain drops.

Gail Lamberty, Market Manager for the Lodi Valley Farmer's Market in Lodi, WI

Gail Lamberty, Market Manager for the Lodi Valley Farmer's Market in Lodi, WI

Seventeen entries total in the Susie Sweets contest.  In the Youth Division Nora Davis won with Susie’s Nest with Eggs.  In the adult entries, Elizabeth Jean Smith (one of our vendors) won with Susie Turtle Delight.  Terri Jozwiak, organizer extraordinaire of Susie Sweets, selected judges from the folks at the market.  Vendors, shoppers, friends and just general hangers-on were all eligible to judge—only folks with diabetes were not.  Best of all everyone at the market got to sample the entries.  Many of our vendors entered—with things like chocolate beet cake, made with beets pulled from the garden that morning. Most of our shoppers stopped by for tasting.

This Friday we’re featuring corn and tomato madness.  Finally tomatoes are ripening, corn is sweet and your table awaits Wisconsin’s most traditional summer delights.  Warm weather, gentle (and not so gentle) rains have the gardens bursting with produce for your table.

I entertained relatives at my house on Sunday.  The flowers and food really impressed them. (They thought Martha Stewart stopped by to make the meal.)  Little did they know, I just stayed out of the way and let the fresh local flavors from the vendors gardens take center stage.

And…Did you miss Larry the Leak in the Lodi parade on Saturday?  Did you miss the Lodi Valley Farmers’ Market float in the parade on Saturday?  Yup, we weren’t there.  After a full afternoon of rain on Friday, we weren’t dried out enough to join you on Saturday.

However, we are not the faint of heart.  We will bring our float and fun to the market on Friday afternoon.  Come on by and if you’re as wild and crazy as we are, you’ll make some kind of a float (minimum amount of effort) and join us as we circle the market. If you can walk or ride with us, you qualify.

We’re not expecting Larry the Leak to join us.  Rumor has it that he’s thinking about taking his Wisconsin Bar Exam so he can legally work for the governor.

See you at the market on Friday…….

The Lodi Valley Farmer’s Market is held on Friday afternoons from 2 – 6 May through October at the Northern Edge Restaurant, located at N1430 Highway 113, Lodi, WI.

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