Wendy Soucie Consulting and Integrated Alliances Host Disney Institute in Madison on August 30, 2010

by Free Speech on July 30, 2010

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Wendy Soucie Consulting and Integrated Alliances is proud to host the 2010 Disney’s Approach to Quality Service program, presented by the world renowned Disney Institute in the Madison area on August 30, 2010.

We invite you to explore world-renowned Disney principles for service excellence and discover how attention to detail creates a consistent, world-class service environment.

A unique one-day event, Disney’s Approach to Quality Service will challenge you to look at your business – no matter what size – in an entirely new light. Showcasing the powerful strategies and business models that are the cornerstones of the Disney organization’s long-term success, you will learn how to apply innovative Disney strategies to your own organization for immediate results. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity and register today.

Disney’s Approach to Quality Service event is…
·               Relevant: Impacts critical drivers of success in a slow economy
·               Affordable: Priced to serve more people under limited budgets
·               Actionable: Easy to implement upon return to the office
·               Inspirational: Generates team excitement and momentum
·               Short: Takes only one day away from the office
·               Local: No travel expenses

Professional development doesn’t cost—it pays.  It pays by creating a framework of focused energy in a vacuum of uncertainty.  It pays by helping an organization gain share in a slow economy.  The long-standing reputation of Disney Destinations for incredible service and friendly employees is not magic, it is sound ideology consistently applied in business. This program is designed to help organizations improve their quality service by immersing themselves in the successful Disney model.

IMPORTANT: Please use promotional code WSCPNE to receive $50 OFF PER GUEST when registering. Additional group discounts are available.

No prerequisite training required.

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