There’s Nothing Like the Lodi Ag Fair

by wendysoucie on July 11, 2011

Lodi, WI~

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No need ot be sheepish - image by wendy soucie

No need to be sheepish - image by Wendy Soucie

Each year I attend the Lodi Agricultural Fair, its different. My entries are different, my time constraints are different, who I sit and talk with is different, but the Fair continues in its 146th year. I have tried to capture a sense of the Fair based on where I spent time this year.

Entries in on time

Successful Luscious Laurent Honey with 1st prize

Successful Luscious Laurent Honey with 1st prize - Image by Wendy Soucie

I managed to complete two of the three entries I signed up for – a jar of honey and a canned item decorated for gift giving. In past years I have submitted more, but I was happy to make sure these were in on time. In a prior year, I actually got a speeding ticket racing back from Madison after fogetting to turn my entry in the night before.  After turning my canned items  in on Thursday night, I had dinner and caught the band the “Loose Cannons” at the Beer Tent. The crowd seemed to be having a great time listening to the experienced voices rock and roll with good energy. Since my husband, Laurent Soucie, was involved, I caught the first act and then headed home.



Animals and Auctions

Broiler Chicken - Image by Wendy Soucie

Broiler Chicken - Image by Wendy Soucie

For me, the best part of the fair is seeing the kids work with the animals, sitting in on the fun at the animal auction, and then talking with some of the kids after the judging. I did some negotiating on some Broiler chickens that didn’t make the auction, pleased that I will be getting several nicely butchered and ready for my freezer!

The 4H Challenger Celebrity Pie Auction had the most successful year ever with the top pies taking in more than $1000 each in fast and heavy bidding in the opening of the event. Its hard to imagine that when we did that the first year, people were aghast at paying $50 for just a pie.  Now with good humor and competitiveness, the pie donors work very hard to bake the best pie with embellishments galore.  During the event this year songs were song, romantic evenings at a bed and breakfast offered, and tickets to hockey and football games waved around.

Here is my final video compilation of the 146th Lodi Fair on Youtube.

I am sure you have a entirely different perspective.  What was your favorite part?


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