The more things change….

by Free Speech on May 25, 2010

Lodi, WI~

Lodi Valley News serving Lodi, WI & the Lake Wisconsin area with local information since Earth Day 2008.

To follow is an excerpt of an article from 1874, which appeared in the original Lodi Valley News. Some of these words still ring true today.

“Any man who is disposed to look upon Lodi a s a “dead town” should have seen our streets last Saturday afternoon. Not only was Main street full of teams in the ordinary use of the term, but it was packed, jammed so full as to make it almost impassable. Nor is this all. Many of the owners of these teams came to town with money in their pockets, and left it behind them, or a portion of it, at least, when they went home. Lodi, a dead town, indeed! As if any town with such a country around it as Lodi has,and inhabited by such men as a portion of her citizens [are], could be anything else than a live, wide awake place. True,we are lacking in capital to improve our natural advantages,but at the same time,our village is very far removed from a played out condition. We have some public spirit here, too, which is manifested by a willingness to make needed civic improvements, and this spirit only needs to be aroused and directed to works of importance, to bring about their accomplishment. The day is not far distant, as we hope and believe, when something will be attempted in the direction of manufactures. And when one good paying institution of this kind is established, others will follow it, and in time-not necessarily a very long time – our village will take rank among the most enterprising in the state. There is no reason why it should not, if only the people are determined to have it so.”

Historic sepia view of Main Street in Lodi, WI with banner, horses and people

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