No Training,No Regulation,No Commonsense Safety. Lock and Load!!

by Free Speech on May 25, 2011

Lodi, WI~

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Madison—Today, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved a concealed carry proposal that lacks any training, regulation or commonsense safety measures. The vote came shortly after poll results were released this week that show a majority of likely voters oppose allowing concealed guns in public and over 90-percent of voters favor requiring background checks and training, elements Senate Republicans rejected in committee.

“Today’s vote is another indication that Senate Republicans are only listening to the extreme pro-gun lobby,” said Jeri Bonavia, director Wisconsin Anti-violence Effort (WAVE). “Wisconsin citizens have spoken with almost complete agreement. They don’t want a bill that allows anyone to carry a hidden, loaded gun almost anywhere, but that is the path Senate Republicans are headed down.”

The proposal that goes forward today is a modified version of the bill that has virtually no regulation, known as “constitutional carry.” Only four states have this type of law: Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming. The amendment, added today, require the Department of Justice to issue permits for Wisconsin residents that want to carry guns in other states.

The Senate Republicans voted down other amendments that would require training, background checks and restrict where guns could be carried.

“We are deeply disappointed legislators rejected an amendment to make it a crime to bring a gun into a domestic violence shelter,” said Patti Seger, executive director of the Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence (WCADV). “It defies belief that we would not create a deterrent for abusers who track down victims in hiding while carrying a firearm. A responsible gun owner would never bring a gun to a domestic violence agency and could also pass a background check and go through training. The bill that is moving forward seems designed to accommodate exactly the people we want to guard against.”

The committee also turned back amendments that would make it a crime to carry a gun in bars and county social service agencies, and would give business owners the ability to ask individuals carrying guns to leave.

“It is very unfortunate that the Judiciary Committee passed this bill without exempting public or private entities providing social services or mental health services,” said Marc Herstand, executive director of Wisconsin’s Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers. “There is absolutely no place for concealed weapons in these locations. This omission could cause major safety issues for social workers and their clients”

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1 deb May 26, 2011 at 7:36 AM

MY GOD are we becoming the stupidest state in the union?!! What in the world!??!?!??!?
I just heard a woman on NPR say that this is because some people “can’t afford” to pay for Gun safety training!
What????? Do we give people driver’s licenses without training because they can’t afford it?? HOW DID THEY AFFORD A GUN!?!??!??!?!??!? Don’t they realize how stupid that statement is!???????????

2 Lodi WI Info May 25, 2011 at 4:14 PM

Its now confirmed……..We are firmly in the grips of morons.

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