Lodi School District Survey Comment Period Flawed!

by Free Speech on January 22, 2012

Lodi, WI~

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My wife sat down on Saturday Jan. 21st to fill out the Lodi School District website survey.  What she found was “This Survey Is Currently Closed”  The headline in this week’s Lodi Enterprise published Jan. 19th read “Administrator asking for feedback through website survey”  but we were given less than twenty four hours to respond.  Like most folks we opened our mail sometime after 4pm on Thursday the 19th and may not even read the Enterprise until the weekend.  We are witnesses to the gutting  of our public school system in Wisconsin and I know Chuck Pursell and staff are trying to save a sinking ship but  TWENTY FOUR  hours.  I’m urging Mr. Pursell to extend the comment deadline on the Lodi district website survey so more citizens/parents/taxpayers have a reasonable time frame to participate in  these  critical decisions.

Gary Nski- Lodi

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