Local Bank Refuses to Reinstall Church Sign

by Free Speech on January 3, 2017

Lodi, WI~

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Wisconsin River Bank recently purchased property on North Main Street in Lodi Wisconsin and built a new branch facility. The Lodi Methodist Church for decades had a small “directions to the church”  sign located on City of Lodi property between the curb and sidewalk now in front of the Bank’s quaint little building.

During the construction phase of the new bank building the church’s sign was taken down. Recently when church officials asked to have the sign reinstalled after completion of project, bank officers including the president and a assistant vice-president refused to do so even after the church officials got the go-ahead from City of Lodi officials.

According to members of the congregation of Lodi Methodist Church legal action is under consideration. But as one member stated, “In the Court of Public Opinion” Wisconsin River Bank just lost the first hearing Big Time.

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