Hack Chat with Tracy Sachtjen, Fifth Player of the USA Women’s Olympic Curling Team

by Free Speech on February 10, 2010

Lodi, WI~

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Lodi, WI

February 8, 2010 ~ 4 Days until the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games

I am not sure where to begin explain my last three days.

We left Saturday for Vancouver, we arrived at the Vancouver airport and we were greeted by many volunteers, they were so helpful and nice.  We then had to get our credentials before we picked up our luggage, which made it official that I am an Olympian!  The Women’s and Men’s USA Curling teams were bussed to the hotel where we went through processing.   During processing you get your Olympic gear, which was overwhelming.   Three suitcases later, which were all filled with Nike and Ralph Lauren clothing, shoes and accessories was awesome, if anyone knows me, I love all that stuff!      We then had to try on our opening and closing ceremony attire to make sure we knew how to wear it and to check if we needed any alterations, then off to ring fitting and to pick out our Olympic watch, fun, fun.   We then took our three pieces of luggage to our room, instead of 4 pieces of luggage between two of us, we now had 10 pieces of luggage and as you can imagine not much space left in our hotel room.

Sunday morning, we had our last Team USA briefing, with 1996 Gold Medalist Dan O’ Brien in Decathlon and 1998 Gold Medalist Aerial Skier Nikki Stone, it was a motivating send off before packing up  to move to the Athlete Village.   We arrived in the Athlete Village and were taken to our Penthouse Suite; where all five of us are staying.   We were told before we arrived how lucky we were to get this suite, that the view is unbelievable and it was quite spacious.     Well, when we got to the door to our Penthouse Suite, we were in amazed by the view and when we opened up the door and saw the size of the suite we were pretty excited.   On each of our beds there were gifts from P & G, which was very thoughtful; it was many of the things that you will need extra of when you are gone from home for over 3 weeks.

We then toured the Olympic Village, checked out the shop and maybe spent a little money.    We decided to check out the Olympic Village Cafeteria, which has every type of food you can imagine.   I made sure I went to McDonald’s so I could tell my son that I went to McDonald’s today and it was “free”.    We went to the athlete hangout where everyone was watching the Super Bowl; there are pool tables, WII games and much more, and it’s decorated pretty funky.

Today[Monday], we had our first practice since we left home.   It was at the Richmond Curling Club, it was nice to get back out on ice with the five of us girls and our coaches.   We then went shopping to buy a few things to decorate our room.   Went back to our Penthouse Suite (love saying that) for the next 3 weeks and did some patriotic decorating, it definitely looks very festive!    Nicole, Allison and I went and had a workout with one of our USOC trainers at the athlete fitness center, which was quite busy, you can tell more athletes moved into the village today.   Then off to dinner with the team at the athlete cafeteria, it seems every time I go there I never know what to have to eat because there are so many options.   Then we went back to the Penthouse watched a movie and relaxed together, nice way to end the day.

Chat with you later ~ Tracy

Debbie McCormick, Allison Pottinger, Nicole Joraanstad, Natalie Nicholson and I showing our patriotic spirit!

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