” Genius of Recall”

by Free Speech on May 28, 2012

Lodi, WI~

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 At 7 pm on Saturday, June 2nd, journalist and author John Nichols is speaking about “The Genius of Recall” at the Al Ringling Theater in Baraboo.    John is an entertaining and articulate journalist, author and speaker solidly grounded in Wisconsin history and politics. He is a passionate advocate for a free and conscientious press that reports the truth without bias.   John will discuss the importance of citizen-driven democracy in the recall process.  The Wisconsin recall is an exercise of democracy in action–people burning shoe leather in the streets actively taking government beyond the stuffy hearing rooms and closed doors of secret party meetings.

The entire country is watching the Wisconsin Recall with great interest.   Nichols presentation in “rural” Wisconsin will receive extensive national press coverage. We intend to show strong local support for the recall effort.  Good attendance at this event will send a powerful message to the other 49 states.  This will be one of those few occasions when you can make an important statement just by showing up.

Tickets for “Genius of Recall”, sponsored by the Center for Media and Democracy, are $5.  They are available alringling.com, or call (608) 356-8864.

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