Complaining About The Weather in Lodi?

by Free Speech on April 22, 2011

Lodi, WI~

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Hey N-ski I heard you were complaining about a little snow this week.

Start of the Kobuk 440

Attached is a photo from the start of the Kobuk 440 sled-dog race last week, the last mushing competition of the 2010-11 season in Alaska. We are far enough north that there is still plenty of cold and snow, with lots and lots of sunlight these days. We still are getting overnight temperatures of below zero. It’s just gorgeous in the Arctic this time of year, with piles of brilliant white snow and fresh, clean air.


The Kobuk 440 has a trademark “stampede start” where all the teams (18 this year) line up abreast on the ice on Kotzebue Sound along Front Street. They all begin at the exactly the same time. In the past, the teams would mostly on their own trajectory, but this year, as the you may discern in the photos, the teams immediately lined up behind one another along one trail. Nevertheless, it’s always a spectacle to see every team lunge out from the start at the same time.

John Creed

Kotzebue , Alaska

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