Arts Tribe “Seeds” Show at Overture Center

by Free Speech on March 27, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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The artsTribe show entitled "Seeds" runs at the Overture Center in Madison March 29 through June7

The artsTribe will have a show entitled "Seeds" running from March 29 to June 7 at the Overture Center in Madison.

In 2008, the seven artists in artsTRIBE spent the summer making artwork on-site at the Dane County Farmers’ Market, talking to farmers, demonstrating art technique to stoppers-by, and making artwork that was inspired by the work and product of the local farming community. Some of the artists used the food as subject matter, drawing peppers, bok choy and lettuce. Others visited farms, photographing and studying the farm process. And some of the artists incorporated materials directly into their artwork, mixing fresh beeswax in their paint (encaustic), boiling beets to use as dyes, and sewing wild grasses directly into their work.

Celebrating Farming Through Art SEED offers the artists a chance to explore the parallels
between artwork and farming. Both start with a blank canvas and try to nurture growth, be it newly turned soil or the first tentative brushstrokes on a canvas. Both processes have a certain logic to them, but also a mystery – where does our food come from? How exactly did that seed turn into my acorn squash? And how did those tubes of paint and boxes of pastels become a bowl of tomatoes? Both artwork and farm food are often presented only as finished artifacts, offered at a stall or hung on a wall. The creative process is left behind a curtain. We imagine sweat and difficulty and inspiration were all involved, but the details are left to the imagination of the those who savor the
results of the artists and farmers.

The SEED project stemmed from a variety of issues, including arts accessibility, the burgeoning local food movement, environmental and health concerns, and a desire to celebrate the journey undertaken by both farmers and artists as they seek to share their wares with others. The Dane County Farmers’ Market is a cherished community institution, gathering over 300 vendors and tens of thousands of visitors each week, and surrounding the luminescent white stone of Madison’s capital. Inspired by open-air European markets, the Market highlights the region’s agricultural riches and diversity. Vendors serve everything from food to flowers, honey to ham, and gourmet jams to squeaky cheese curds. The market is a place to gather, commune, and savor.

Thanks to the following farms for their involvement:

• Harmony Valley Farms, Viroqua
• The Bee Charmer Farm, Stoughton
• Deerfield Greenhouse, Deerfield
• Troy Community Farm and Gardens, Madison
• Door Creek Orchard, Cottage Grove
• Jen Ehr Family Farm, Sun Prairie
• Gentle Breeze Honey, Mt. Horeb
• Jones Valley Farm, Spring Green
• Wyman Produce, Potosi

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