A market A musing-5/27/10

by Gail Lamberty on May 27, 2010

Lodi, WI~

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Summer time and living is busy! We’ll change the text of the classic song to reflect reality.
Busy with friends, busy with gardens, and busy with the joys and delights that summer brings.

The heart of the market is the vendors and all their hard work reflected in what they bring to you the shoppers. You see it on the tables under their tents each Friday. Produce, craft, meat & honey are all there just waiting for you.

And waiting for you is the fabulous garden quilt made by the “Hearts and Hands” group of the Lodi Valley Quilt Guild. Eight dynamic ladies from Lodi–Carol Deans, Ann Kern, Mary Ellen Ruesch, Catherine Hochstein, Beverly Trygstad, Diane Heckenbach, Kay Cline, and Dotty Sutfin captured the garden spirit of the market in cloth. Tomatoes and corn on a quilt? Yes and beautifully done on a queen size bed cover. They wanted to assist us in making our 10th anniversary year the best ever.

The market and the food pantry have partnered over these past years to assist in sharing the bounty of the Lodi gardens with those who don’t always have the resources or opportunity to get fresh produce. With this rough economy, the need is increasing each week.

With Judy Brownrigg’s vision, we now have a quilt raffle to assist the market. Stop by the market barn on Friday to get the live view of the quilt. You will be more than delighted.

We have a very special bargain for you. Quilt tickets are $5 each, but if you buy 5 quilt tickets we’ll give you a Lodi Valley Farmers’ Market bag at no cost. Take advantage of this outstanding offer–for you, for the market and for the Food Pantry.

Come by the market on Friday to start your Memorial Day weekend. See you there 2-6

Quilters pictured with a Lodi Valley Farmer's Market inspired quilt, ready for the raffle.

Quilters pictured with a Lodi Valley Farmer's Market inspired quilt, ready for the raffle.

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