A Market – A Musing

by Gail Lamberty on June 10, 2010

Lodi, WI~

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The Lodi Valley Farmer's Market is held Friday afternoons, April through October in the parking lot of the Northern Edge, corner of CR J and SR 113 in Lodi, WI

Market Manger Gail Lamberty is excited about the Market's season

Generally I can tell you where a telephone conversation will go when it begins with “Are you the one who manages the farmers’ market in Lodi?” Usually it is a potential new vendor requesting the protocol for the market…the when, the where, the how and how much” questions generally follow. One thing I’ve learned about the Lodi market is the usual is the unusual.

After I said “yes” woman asked “do you deliver?” Not a question that I’ve ever gotten before but
I thought it might be wise to get some background information that prompted that question. The woman was calling from Texas. She has a relative in Lodi that is experiencing significant health issues and is home bound unable to drive. She herself is an avid gardner and knew her relative would delight in fresh produce. She thought she and another sibling in California might be able to make arrangements to have produce delivered from the farmers’ market.

We chatted about what is ready in the gardens in Wisconsin right now. Strawberries are at their peak. Radishes and lettuce abound. In Texas where she lives sweet corn is just about ready for picking. She remembered those sweet sweet strawberries from her past.

That is just one of the delights of a small town. You can make that request and work out details to make it happen. Somehow I don’t think the farmers’ markets in New York or L.A. have that flexibility to help out a neighbor…and by the way I did have to tell her, we don’t take credit cards at the market table. Good old fashioned cash and checks still work just fine in Wisconsin.

You missed the ever unique discussions at the market table last week. “Did you know the Milwaukee zoo has dinosaurs?” Yes, you read that right–the zoo not the museum. Stop by the table to add your 2 cents or 2 dollars worth the ever flowing conversation.

Stop buy at the table for a chat. Take a look at the market quilt. We’ve got tickets for the quilt we’ll be raffling on September 12th. Buy 5 tickets and you’ll receive a market bag as our gift to you.

See you at the market on Friday 2-6

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