A Market-A Musing

by Free Speech on September 23, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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Lodi, WI

New Market Manger Gail Lamberty is excited about the Market's season

New Market Manger Gail Lamberty is excited about the Market's season

An invasion occurred last Friday at the market.  Squash and pumpkins are on the march.  Pumpkins and squash of every size and color took over the vendors stands. You thought pumpkins came in orange and yellow?  Ah, but there is so much more.  For the first time ever, I saw the pumpkins that were covered with a peanut like shell for the skin.–very unusual to say the least. Squash was common with hubbard, acorn and crown, but have you every seen the baby blue striped? We have every size and almost all the colors of the rainbow for your dining and decorating pleasure.  We’ve even got a blue cat squash at the market table.  You’ve got to stop by to see it to believe it.

As we talk about the fall vegetables, we’re skipping right past the winter snows to think spring.  Jan and Bill Haupt have daffodil bulbs almost as big as baseballs for you. They will be next to the barn selling them again this Friday. Remember when the boy/girl scout motto was “be prepared”?  The time is now.

Great plans for Friday at the market this week.  The bees are coming. Kerri Bahr of Sweet Wisconsin Honey is bringing the bees to show you where that wonderful honey comes from.  We’ll have special recipes for you as well.

The mutant vegetable contest closes at 3:00 on Friday afternoon.  Since early spring we’ve taken pictures of vendors and their freaks of nature veggies.  We’ve got photos of twisted tomatoes, wild potatoes and other mutants from their seemingly gentle gardens.  Some of the vendors have named them—“grandma before she got her false teeth” and “creature from the deep”.  Stop by the table and vote for your favorite.

Tomatoes, raspberries, carrots, pickles, garlic, potatoes and the last of the sweet corn are waiting to find a home on your table.  Stop out for the freshest, locally grown treasures for your dining pleasure.

See you at the market on Friday.

The Lodi Valley Farmer’s Market is held on Friday afternoons from 2 – 6 May through October at the Northern Edge Restaurant, located at N1430 Highway 113, Lodi, WI.

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