A Market – A Musing for May 5, 2010

by Gail Lamberty on May 5, 2010

Lodi, WI~

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April showers bring May flowers is more than a cliche at the Lodi Valley Farmers’ Market. We started the market last Friday with the scent of lilacs over the market park. More vendors came with the plants that folks were looking for. The morels were gone in a flash, the asparagus and rhubarb went to many a Lodi table. The Arbor Day tree give away was a popular spot at the market…but then….then came the April showers….a lot of April showers…a down pour of April showers.

Our vendors were remarkable. They hung on to their tents to keep them from blowing away. They hung on through the first deluge and a stayed a while longer. They know the Lodi shoppers. Some days we just become a “drive by” market. In the rain, shoppers did a loop around the market park checking out the vendor tables from the comfort of their dry cars. A very quick purchase and away then went.

Wally our Seafood Sultan stayed to the bitter end. We discussed the tragedy in the gulf and the impact it will have on our planet. There aren’t really words, just sad sad emotions for the environment that gives us life–water, food, livelihood and beauty. Wally said he learned his lesson with Katrina. His seafood comes from Alaska so he can supply sustainably fished catch all market season. His suppliers are put on a limit. When it is reached, they are done for the year. Stop buy his truck this week and treasure the product he brings you.

The rain forced an early closing of our Arbor Day tree give way. Thanks to Alison Seaton’s garden skills, remaining trees will be available this Friday. Thanks to all who made a donation for their trees.

Want to win a Mother’s Day gift? Jack Berry–master woodworker, gardner extraordinaire, has taken a drawer from an old treadle sewing machine and filled it with plants and seeds. You certainly will be the favorite child if you win it for your mom. Enter your name in the drawing…a donation is not required, but certainly appreciated.

See you at the market on Friday 2-6

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