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by Free Speech on July 8, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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Is that Larry beneath the Hat?

Is that Larry beneath the Hat?

Lodi WI, Wisconsin

By Gail Lamberty

The wagon came and circled.  It wasn’t followed by war whoops or shooting.  It was surrounded by generosity and kindness instead.

Lodi Valley Farmers’ Market and the Lodi Area Food Pantry have been partners for a number of years in providing fresh produce to the elderly, shut-ins and those among our community who are experiencing rough times.  Donations from the market on Friday are stored in two coolers in the market barn and distributed on Saturday am.

Lyn Lorenz–Ms Creative Idea Lady–suggested a wagon to go around the market just before closing collecting any donations vendors would  like to make.  To add to that, she thought LVFM market bags would be a great fundraiser.  All those good ideas flowing from one dynamic little lady!                                      

Last Friday Mary Ellen Ruesch purchased a market bag.  She filled it with produce and returned to the market table and donated all the produce to the food pantry.  To her surprise we returned the $10 purchase price of the bag as a promotion for the first person to purchase the bag and donate to the food pantry.  To our great surprise, Mary Ellen took the money and ran–-right back to the vendors to purchase more produce for the food pantry!  Kindness and generosity at the market comes from bags, wagons, customers and vendors combined.

Don’t miss the Lodi fair is this weekend. On your way there, stop by the market.  We  will join in the festivities by having chickens and the most adorable pygmy goat named “Peanut” for your viewing pleasure. You’ll fall in love with Peanut, I promise.  You might look at the chickens with lust for their eggs. Love and lust–only at the Lodi market.

Ok, I’m almost past my Larry the Leak love affair.  Kind of difficult to have an affair with your love never showing his charming face.  Not to be concerned.  We’ve got other photos on the barn door.  Stop by to see the mutant vegetable photos posted.  Almost as good looking as Larry.

The Lodi Valley Farmer’s Market is held on Friday afternoons from 2 – 6 May through October at the Northern Edge Restaurant, located at N1430 Highway 113, Lodi, WI.

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