A Celebration of Fish in Art and Culture

by Free Speech on April 16, 2012

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A Celebration of Fish in Art and Culture

Sauk City and Prairie du Sac (Sauk Prairie) are twin cities that are located on the Wisconsin River and within a half hours drive from the state capital, Madison, for those who don’t know. These “twin cities” are on the River’s water and there are also numerous lakes, rivers, and streams in the area, giving locals and visitors the opportunity to regularly go fishing without traveling and spending hard earned money on gas and other amenities. Fishing can be a very inexpensive sport to get involved in times when money is tight.

The Wisconsin River provides an excellent fishing destination especially with an open season for numerous fish species like the walleye and sauger. This means that you can fish year round, without any closed season, for the most popular species of fish in Wisconsin, the walleye. This past winter was particularly a good one for area anglers because the mild and abnormal weather allowed fishing most of the year on the Wisconsin River. The lack of snow kept the boat landings open and the warm weather kept any “slack” water areas on the river from freezing or having ice floating down the river.

There are also many other locations in the immediate area to fish. Lake Wisconsin, Fish Lake, Crystal Lake, Lake Redstone, Whitemound Lake, Lake Delton, and Devils Lake are all in the immediate area and provide good fishing throughout the year.

The many, local fishing opportunities give area people some outstanding waters to fish and provide many with hours of recreation and enjoyment. If you talk to people in the Sauk Prairie area and ask what their favorite hobbies or interests are, many will say fishing. Fishing is one of the most popular local activities and this is one of the reasons why “Something Fishy: A Celebration of Fish in Art and Culture” has been created and shown to the Sauk Prairie people and many others from the surrounding area. This “Celebration” should interest people who fish for fun and recreation besides showing youth art done by local students with a fish theme and an adult fish art invitational show with paintings, wood carvings, and many other works of art depicting fish and “fishy” things.

This show has been open for viewing since March 8th at the River Arts Center in Sauk Prairie. The opening reception was the Youth Art Show with fishy kid’s art in the lobby of the River Arts Center. I had a chance to look at the student’s art work and was impressed by the work and creativity of the children. There also is the Adult Fish Art Invitational Show with some wonderful “fishy” works of art by local residents. These shows and works of art are open to the public to see during school hours and on weekends till April 21st. Those to thank for this creative and imaginative show are Ann Parker, River Arts, the Sauk Art Teachers, and Mueller Sports Medicine. This show may be a little different than many fish related shows and exhibits, but I know that you’ll enjoy the students and adult “fishy” art works plus the Fish Fest Expo on Saturday.

The Celebration concludes this weekend with a Fish Fest Expo on Saturday, April 21, from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm at the Sauk Prairie Gym. Saturday’s events have something for the entire family with many things for the children and family to view and participate in. The DNR will be there with their giant Aquarium filled with Wisconsin River fish for all to see and the new invasive cleaning trailer for cleaning boats from the many invasive species that are entering our waters. Warden Greg Stacey will be there to show and explain this new and innovative machine. Dave Rowe of the DNR will be there with a Youth Angler Education Program for the kids. Kathy Kline will show a sturgeon video and have her book for sale. Trout expert, Len Harris, will be on hand to help as will musician and fly tier, Catfish Stephenson. Catfish will also be singing and playing some of his fishing songs and tunes. Local angler, Dave Dickson, will be on hand to help with casting. Duffy Kopf, pro angler, will have his fishing boat on site for viewing and talking fishing. Wood carver, Steve Roberts, hopefully will also be at the Fish Fest. Father Larry Heitke should be here with his fishing rod collection and fishing stories. The DNR Aquarium will be in front of the school near the Gallery from April 18 to April 21st. It will be open during daylight hours for your viewing. Saturday’s Fish Fest Expo is a family orientated event with many “fishy” things for all. The event is FREE with many activities for the children like learning to cast, tie knots, identify fish, and more. There also will be fly tying artists, lure displays, fishing equipment, taxidermy, and many photo opportunities for all.

This will be a informative and entertaining afternoon with something for the entire family. Be sure to come and see some wonderful art and learn more about fishing which is an activity that one can participate in their entire lives. Fishing is a great family activity and one that everyone can participate in forever. Fishing is also a great way to get together in beautiful surroundings without spending much money and having fun close to home! We have so many great opportunities in the immediate area to fish and be in the outdoors that should be taken advantage of by all. The younger that children are introduced to fishing and other outdoor activities, the greater the chance of enjoying the sport and making it a regular family event. You also have a good chance at catching some fish for the table and what is better than a fresh fish fry?

I’ll be at the Fish Fest Expo along with many other “fishers” who are there to help introduce people to fishing and see why so many people make fishing their favorite outdoor activity. I hope to see many of you there and if you get the chance thank Ann Parker and friends for putting together this informative, creative, and educational event.




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