Have you noticed there are no Sauk and there is no prairie in Sauk Prairie? LETTER TO THE EDITOR

by Free Speech on August 4, 2013

Lodi, WI~

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We live in a community we call Sauk Prairie.  We call it that because the land once was a vast expanse of prairie
and it was once inhabitated by the people of the Sauk tribe.  Have you noticed there are no Sauk and there is no prairie in Sauk Prairie?

In July 2012 WDNR completed a property analysis for  the former Badger Army Ammunition Plant property
and after a year of reviewing public comment has offered 3 alternatives for future land use. They are: 1) no action,  2) restoration, 3) recreation.

The alternatives are identified as conceptual however, whenever WDNR mentions recreation ATV’s and shooting ranges are always given extraordinary emphasis.

The conclusion of the WDNR property analysis states: “Based on this report’s findings, the best overall functional role for the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area is to fulfill the highlighted ecological opportunities available while maximizing compatible recreation opportunities.”
(Page 51)  Did you notice the word compatible ?

It does not take 12 months of study to figure out ATV’s and shooting ranges are not compatible with prairie restoration.  I don’t know any ATV’er who wants to dodge prairie plants, and I don’t know any prairie restoration volunteer who wants to dodge bullets.

The Badger property is not a pie to be sliced into tiny pieces so that everyone can get a taste but no one gets the flavor.

Check out Alternative 4) conservation and low impact recreation created by the Badger Oversight and Management Commission on the Sauk County website.  We can do better and we have.  We can have both.  Now there is compatibility!

Gail Lamberty

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