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by Free Speech on December 3, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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Lodi, WI
by Peg Zaemish

How is this for a bear story? It could have had a very different ending. I am driving home on Sunday evening. I am trying to sell my house in Poynette and I spent two days holding an open house and waiting for a buyer to show up and I don’t even get one looker. Not one. I am having a serious anxiety attack all the way home. What to do?
It is raining a bit, pitch black and I am traveling Hwy. 13 north between Butternut and my place. Almost home. I have been driving for more than four hours and I am beat and more than a little crabby. My eyes are tired and my worn windshield wipers are not exactly doing a stellar job at clearing the window.
No one is coming southbound so I have my bright lights on (for this I will be very thankful). Suddenly I see a shiny black mass moving across the fog line on the right hand side of the highway. A BEAR! Yikes! The bear is partially in my lane and he is moving slowly, I can see its gleaming wet coat as it ambles towards the edge of the highway.
I turn my wheel as quickly as I can and just as I am about to cross the center line – there’s ANOTHER bear. This one is a big guy and I can see it pull up and swerve and turn its shoulders away from the center of the road. Some how … I drove right between those two bears, one just over the center line and one with its back legs right on the road – just starting to cross over the fog line. I believe I came within a bear’s hair of hitting either one or both – hit neither and just blew through the middle and kept on driving – arriving home about five minutes later, where I went in the house to change my underwear.
It was not my time. I do believe that everyone has a window and when the window opens out you go. Before that – things just somehow work out. So – I didn’t sell the house and that still looms as a huge problem before me. But, I didn’t hit those burly bears; I missed them by a snitch and lived to tell about it. Hitting one bear would probably have been the end of my vehicle and maybe me and my puppy Ivy, who was traveling in her crate on my front seat. But, hitting two bear would have meant a trip to the pearly gates for sure – I imagine it to be something like hitting a stone wall.
So, just when you think things can’t get worse – they very nearly did.
What a wild experience. I tend to believe in guardian angels as I have had more than a few close calls in my 61 years. How else do you explain a narrow opening for me to squeeze through, between those two big fellers right at that precise moment?
Not only did I drive between two bears, I had a similar experience years ago, near Chippewa Falls when I drove right between two deer crossing the road – one in my headlights and one in my taillights. It was summer and I had my window down and I can clearly remember hearing the hooves on the asphalt and let me tell you – that qualified as a close call as well. Bad words were said.
Someday I won’t be so lucky I suppose. I keep my guardian angels busy hanging over the clouds to keep a very close eye on me. I hope I have enough angels that they can split shifts, because one angel would get into some real overtime problems with the union trying to keep me away from the exit door.
I have had three serious medical emergencies (during one I had no pulse) and yet for some strange reason I came through to see another day. So if I indeed have nine lives, I better get real careful real soon because I have already cashed in on five or six lives already. Whew. Maybe I better take some harp lessons now, so I can get a good seat in the orchestra.
A big thanks goes out to my Mom and Dad, Grandparents, Bunka and all my other beloveds on the other side for their diligent work. Angels all.
Thanks to every soul who is protecting me from all things that go bump in the night.

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1 Lisa Fichter December 28, 2009 at 5:45 PM

Wow,! Now that was hair raiser! I was gripping my computer through the whole story. Those bears are sure cute…but only from a distance! Way to maneuver that Tracker!

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