Kitt’s Kiss

by Free Speech on March 12, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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by Lyn Lorenz-Poynette, Wisconsin

First of all, let us say that we forgive you.  We forgive whoever was driving the smaller white truck with yellow and green stripes when you stopped down by our gate on Lincoln’s birthday, and dropped off a little present for us.  Was it our yard signs in the fence that proclaim ‘End the War!’ and ‘War is Not the Answer’?   Was it that our land is fenced to keep certain critters in and other critters out?  Or was it just a conveniently flat spot to stop next to the marsh where no one was watching?  Except, that we were.
When the dogs wouldn’t come back to the house or stop barking, I started to head down to the road.  I saw you drive past again, slowly, in the opposite direction, then speed up when you saw me.  Were you looking for her?  The dogs knew she was there; they knew what you had done.  Did you have to leave her on such a cold day?  On the wrong side of the road?
Despite everything, she made it across the highway without getting hit by a car or ravaged by a hungry coyote.  She must have found the straw bales in the potting shed lean-to for the night.  The dogs knew she was there the next day; oh, the fear she must have felt.  By late, with the temperature plummeting, she saw the back porch light, bravely ventured up the hill where those noisy dogs had often roiled out the doors, and politely, simply, mewed her request to come inside.  We heard her plea, and upon the invitation, she gratefully crawled up the first pants leg and promptly sat purring on his stocking-hatted head.  We made her a cozy bed that night and fed her warmed-up canned kitty food kept in the pantry for especially that kind of emergency.

The three current owners of the house that Lyn Lorenz is allowed to live in.

The three current owners of the house that Lyn Lorenz is allowed to live in.

Talk turned to the humane society’s hours, and fleas and parasites.  We had no intention of keeping her, except, we did.  Her little green eyes filled a feline void of almost two years left by the heart-wrenching loss of our big Boone boy.  The golden dog thought nothing much of her arrival (other than, oh joy more kitty kibble to steal), and the   speckled hound wanted to tree her at first, except there was no tree.  Once he realized she was no squirrel, peace ensued on this sandy hill.
Now her little ears are healed, and I believe, so is her soul.   She’s gained one but is still less than six pounds, and she’ll be no bruiser.  On night number three though, she caught her first vole and officially began to earn her kitty keep.  When she had to leave the other day to go get her big girl operation, both dogs became despondent. Upon her return the following day, their exuberance never allowed their tails to stop wagging.  We’ve never seen a kitty actually celebrate a homecoming, but indeed she did, rubbing up and arching against all dogs and people, playing with each one of her toys in turn, then crashing and purring with her family at bedtime for a long winter’s nap.  Catnap, that is.
Thank you for not abusing her.  Thank you for only neglecting her, for whatever your reasons may have been. We forgive you, even Kitt does.  She loves her new home and doting family.  But we know that all stories do not end this way.  This time, we were again the lucky ones.  So, say a little prayer for those precious creatures still hungry and out in the cold. Please consider giving a little something to your local shelter, just for Kitt and Buddy, with their genuine and heartfelt thanks.

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1 Joan Zavoral March 17, 2009 at 9:37 AM

Very nice story and so well written.

2 Rog Severson March 16, 2009 at 1:40 PM

Thanks so much for being so humane, Lyn. Saving a little creature from hellish happenings makes you an Angel to Animals. Glad you were watching and able to rescue. Rog

3 peg zaemisch March 15, 2009 at 2:23 PM

What a lovely story! And so well written! This little Miss Kitt is very fortunate that she has snuggled her way into the Lorenz home as this is a most gentle and loving family. To the ner-do-wells who dropped her off – indeed you should send some support to the shelter or drop off some cat food for the other felines still waiting for someone as wonderful as Lyn and Dave. Thanks for your big hearts and your warm hearth!

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