Foibles of Finney-pt. 5

by Free Speech on April 24, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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Lodi, WI-4/24/09

“That Wonderful Wet Stuff”
By Lisa Fichter

Ever since that first full day in Wisconsin, when The Woman made me swim in Lake Wisconsin, I have loved the water.  I was not a natural born swimmer. It was a learned skill.  At first, it was my instinct to try to swim up and out of the water.  But of course that just created an inordinate amount of splashing and didn’t get me anywhere at all.  The Woman, who was very patient, gave me lots of encouragement and in no time I was swimming like the star that I am.

We had several favorite swimming spots, like Silver Lake in Portage, Lake Wisconsin and my favorite spot, Devils Lake.  I like Devils Lake the best because the water is so clear and it’s easy for me to see the fish.  I live for fishing and the thrill of the catch.  The Woman thinks I’m obsessed and perhaps I am, but scarcely anything else gives me the joy derived from fishing.  One summer, she even bought me a small pool and put some minnows in it just for my entertainment.  I would circle that pool for hours, even long after the last minnow was gone.  That’s something to note about Vizslas.  We NEVER give up under any circumstance.   We remain steadfast at all times.

It is I, the Royal Dog, Finney Fergus, upon my royal vessel.

It is I, the Royal Dog, Finney Fergus, upon my royal vessel.

One day, while fishing at Silver Lake, a man appeared from a van with a large camera and began taking photos of me for his “sports magazine”.  He told The Woman that I was the “happiest dog he’d ever seen”.  He truly admired my majestic beauty and I certainly understood why.  I put on quite a show that day.  I pounced on tiny fish and flung them in the air.  I dunked my head under water to grab at fish down below.  I was truly in rare form and I was glad that my superior skills and intellect were caught on film for all to share.

That day, The Woman brought a long floating vessel she called a raft.  She began resting upon it as she watched me fish.  It looked like a very relaxing way to go so I swam out to the raft and The Woman let me get on.  I had a wonderful time, as The Woman pushed me around the lake on “my raft” all afternoon.  People laughed and took pictures and made comments to The Woman but she swam behind me pushing me on my raft for hours just the same.  Rafting became a favorite pastime for me.  .The Woman, on the other hand, had to give up her love for rafting to accommodate me, but that is, after all, as it should be.

Everywhere we went swimming people just loved to see me on my raft.  One day, The Woman picked up a tourist magazine only to find my picture on the cover!  Finally, the recognition I deserved!  Since then, I have only added to my water follies.  Now I can climb a ladder to get into a boat or onto a pier.  Let me tell you… that really impresses folks.  It’s a real show stopper!  Seriously, I don’t know where I come up with this stuff.  I’m quite sure that it’s all part of my royal lineage.

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