Foibles of Finney, pt. 3

by Free Speech on April 10, 2009

Lodi, WI~

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“Rollin’ on the River”
By Lisa Fichter
Lodi, WI-4/10/09

Camping is always an adventure for us, but the first trip had some very memorable moments.  We arrived late in the afternoon, after having spent several hours waiting at the mechanic’s office.  Earlier in the day, I had gone on a very short joy ride in The Woman’s car and ended up crashing the car into the sign at the mini mall in Baraboo. As a result of the great car crashing incident, certain things needed to be fixed to make things legal for us to drive. So, we got to our campsite a little later than planned but there was still plenty of daylight left for at least one good adventure. Read more…

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