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We’re simply folks that live here and care about our community and the dialogue, information and the truth that keeps the blood flowing. We aim to keep the majority of our news and advertising local, our photographs local, our ownership local  and our community announcements local, with an eye on regional, national and world events. As we said from the beginning, this is YOUR  online newspaper. Because of the internet we will also be multimedia. But, human nature being what it is, people have begun to wonder: who is leading this brave new adventure? The truth is, all of us.



Our Mission:

Can probably best be defined through this short video from NYU Professor Jay Rosen:

Citizen journalism, plain & simple.

Setting policy thus far:

The Lodi Valley News is a community, online news source that will be available 24/7 at this site. Content will be changing constantly.

Our policy is to promote freedom of speech. We ask contributors to observe only a few rules. First, common courtesy. Address an issue that has sparked your concern, without placing blame on an individual (unless the comments are related to the actions of an elected official in his or her role). Please be sure of your facts.

If you are a candidate for a local office and you would like your views known – please submit your thoughts. We are hoping to encourage more public dialogue about the things that are important to us.

Want to get involved? Want to contribute or have the news of your club or service group, church or athletic team appears in this new online paper? Well, here’s the “how-to”: contact us through the Contact Form. We will set you up with a contributor account, including login information. Once you have logged in, just type your article in the window (or cut and paste if you like). You can insert images, etc. You must have proper permissions for all submissions and any submission viewed to be in violation of copyright issues will be rejected.

Any and all comments are welcome. First though, you must sign up for an account. You will be required to submit both your name (or nickname) and email address. YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS WILL NOT BE DISPLAYED. LodiValleyNews.com reserves the right to reject any submission for any reason. If you post on a regular basis, our blog supports avatars (those tiny identifying images next to your post). You can obtain an avatar of your own by visiting the Gravatar website.

For the comment section, please adhere to the rules of common decency. Keep your comments and posts on subject. Namecalling, taunting or other inappropriate behavior is frowned upon.

  1. First offense: Warning
  2. Second offense: Double secret probation
  3. Third offense: Permanent banishment to discussion board purgatory.

Please contribute responsibly!

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