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Zopone / Unimed loses to Franca in debut for NBB14

Zopone / Unimed loses to Franca in debut for NBB14

Fernando Vieira SA / Disclosure

Enzo Ruiz, of Zopone / Unimed, in a duel with Lucas Dias, of Franca

Zopone / Unimed Bauru Basket was captured by Franca 87-76, this Tuesday (26), in the first round of the 2021/22 edition of Novo Basketball Brasil (NBB14), running at Ginásio Cláudio Amantini (Pañilla de Presori) in Bauru. Dragão played without Gabriel Gao, who is suspended, as well as Alex Garcia and Joao Gizard, who have tested positive for coronavirus, as well as coach Guerrinha.

In the first half, each team dominated a period. Dragão was a little better in the first quarter, but Franco’s team reacted in the second and took the lead – 21 to 24 (first quarter) and 25 to 16 (second quarter).

On the way back from the break, Zopone / Unimed Bauru Basket showed a lot of determination and presented himself well and equalized the actions, leaving the match poised again, but in the latter part of the third half Franca managed to recover and was slightly ahead. . In the fourth final, Franco’s team advanced to guarantee a positive score – 21 to 19 (third quarter) and 20 to 17 (fourth final).

“We played a good game and were able to balance the game mostly. But, with the team more, our opponent got a better performance at the moment of the setting,” winger/goalkeeper Larry Taylor commented to Bauru Basket’s press office.

Played with Zopone / Unimed Bauru Basket: 02. Samuel “Barra” Santos (02 points, 1 rebounds and 01 assists), 03. Dontrell Brite (12 points, 07 rebounds, 04 assists and 04 rebounds), 04. Larry Taylor (29 points, 06 rebounds, 02 assists and 04 rebounds), 09. Felipe Vizarro (07 points, 02 rebounds), 11. Thales Simويسes, 12. Lucas Santos (1 rebounds), 17. Danilo Bentido (02 points) , 04). rebound), 1 pass and 01 ball recovery), 20. Igor Araujo, 28. Enzo Ruiz (04 points, 04 rebounds and 03 assists), 30. Rafael Hecchimer (20 points, 06 rebounds and 04 assists), 33. Silvio Nikoli

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Technical Committee: Vanderlei Mazzuchini Junior (Supervisor), Hudson Previdelo (Technician), Everton Moraes (Technical Assistant), Bruno Camargo (Physical Trainer), José Bassan (Physiotherapist), Roger Tedde Mansano and Carlos Eduardo Moraes Matos (Doctors)

The main names in Franco’s team were Lucas Dias (23 points) and North American David Jackson (22 points, 05 rebounds).

The next Zopone / Unimed Bauru Basket match will be against Rio Claro, on Thursday (28), at 7:30 pm, also in Bauru.