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Zelensky says that Russia repeated in Izyum what it did in Bucha

Zelensky says that Russia repeated in Izyum what it did in Bucha


president UkraineAnd the Volodymyr Zelensky (photo) Comparison of the atrocities committed by the Russians in isium to me Boca massacre. Ukrainian authorities found this week One Mass grave with 440 bodies He was buried in the northeastern city of Izeum.

torture chambers Where civilians from occupied cities and towns were abused, and places where people – even foreigners – were detained, were found. In particular, seven citizens of the Republic Sri Lanka, Students of the Kobyansk Medical College. In March, they were captured by Russian soldiers and later held in the basement. Only now, after liberating an area KharkivThese people were rescued, and they received proper medical care.”Zelensky said.

The city of Iseum was retaken during the counterattack Kyiv Throughout the occupied area of Kharkivone of the largest companies in Ukraine.

He stated in a video message thatThere are clear signs of torture and humiliation of the population. In addition, there are indications that Russian soldiers who were near that location shot those graves just for fun.”.

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