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Cantor sertanejo tem mais de 25 anos de carreira e 500 composições gravadas

Zé Henrique, from the duet with Gabriel, sings on the Trilha – Música . stage

ninth edition of Friday track No R7, which airs on Friday (9), from 7 pm, activates hit mode and receives one of the country’s greatest songwriters: singer and composer Ze Henrique, by duo Ze Henrique and Gabriel.

Led by presenter Jackie Petkovic, the virtual happy hour of R7 It has the support of Crystal Beer, which also gives this power to the new talents of our music with the Crystal Producer framework.

With each new program, five new independent artists are revealed. The most distinguished are selected by production to take over the stage Friday track. This is the case of the duo formed by brothers Piter and Eddie, who are also present in this edition.

Singer has over 500 registered music composers
Born in 1975 in Rondonópolis (MT), Zee Henrique has 25 years in business. Today, he is considered one of the most successful composers of his generation.

Alone or in partnership with his friend Gabriel, with whom he formed a duo between 1996 and 2018, Zé Henrique has recorded more than 500 compositions. Among the greatest songs recorded by other artists, notable works include “When the Heart Falls in Love” (Daniel), “Nosso Amor é Ouro” (Zezé Di Camargo and Luciano), “Inevitável” (Bruno and Marrone), “Um Louco” (Eduardo Costa) and “Without Direction” (Rick Warner).

new ways
After announcing the end of the duo in April 2018, Zé Henrique continued a solo career. He is currently preparing a new project called “Contando e Cantando – Histórias e Músicas”.

No Friday trackThe artist revealed the personal reason that led to the separation of the duo, but she brought something new that will delight fans of Zee Henrique and Gabriel.

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“I had a problem with my voice, had some surgeries and needed a break. Our goal was not to make the DVD ‘History – Ao Vivo’ (as of 2017) as a farewell, but it ended up happening,” laments Zé Henrique.

Once the sound problem is overcome, the longing to get back on stage with her old partner gets stronger.” I lived in the US for a while. I took a year off and when I got back to Brazil we were offered a tour. We had our first show, but in March of last year, The epidemic started and we stopped everything,” he recalls.

Therefore, going alone is not in the plans of Zé Henrique, who is eagerly awaiting his artistic reunion with Gabriel. “He is a very talented man. Wherever he arrives, he fits in. He is very dear. I hope I can return to the stage soon and get my partner back, so that we can tour this big country”, guarantees the artist, who is also considered one of the greatest guitarists in Brazil .

No Friday trackZé Henrique is killing fans’ nostalgia by singing songs like “What Combines With Me is You”, “Animal Instinct” and “Dona do Meu Destino”.

To learn more about the singer’s work, get acquainted with his social networks: Tweet embed

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