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Youtuber loses pilot’s license after causing plane crash to go viral

The FAA claims Trevor Jacob orchestrated his jump from the plane; And he expressed himself, saying that he had not imagined this fallout

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YouTube video of Trevor Jacob jumping out of a plane has racked up over 2.5 million views

The Youtube North American Trevor Jacobthe accused premeditated a plane crash To get views on YouTube. In a video posted on December 24, 2021, he filmed the moment he decided to jump out of the allegedly malfunctioning plane. At the time, he was flying over the Sierra Nevada, a mountain range in California. US Department of Aviation, Federal Aviation Administration (Federal Aviation Administration) Trevor’s license revoked and he can no longer fly. Authorities claim that although he said he only ejected from the plane after the plane encountered technical problems, the situation was orderly.

One clue given is that the YouTuber should have tried restarting the plane’s engine, but that didn’t happen. After his license was revoked, Trevor decided to record a new video for his channel explaining his point of view on the story. He accused the media of sensationalism and said that he did not imagine that publishing a video of his adventure would anger many people. “The aviation community has been very hard on me, so I’m considering giving it up completely,” Trevor announced when he returned his pilot’s license by mail. the video “My plane crashed(Eu Bati Meu Avião), which the authorities consider irresponsible, has more than 2.5 million views on the platform.

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