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YouTuber Logan Paul 'holds' eight rounds of Floyd Mayweather dominance on Boxing Fans' much-anticipated night

YouTuber Logan Paul ‘holds’ eight rounds of Floyd Mayweather dominance on Boxing Fans’ much-anticipated night

In one of the most awaited fights of recent times, boxer Floyd Mayweather dominates YouTuber Logan Paul on screen, achieving a “symbolic victory” without being defeated.

The duel was considered an exhibition match, in which the referee was only inside the ring and eight rounds of three minutes each were scheduled, without a winner. The way to finish before that will be a knockout from either side.

Even before the fight started, Mayweather delayed his entry to the ring, leaving Logan Paul to wait in place for a few minutes.

During the first rounds, a lot of study was done for the fighters, with Mayweather waiting momentarily to be able to deliver a more accurate hit. At one point, Logan sought a mixed sequence of punches, but to no effect.

Using his experience, Mayweather tried to tire out his opponent more and more to be more easy on his punches and with a clear lead to fight from the third round onwards.

During the fight and between rounds, Logan’s younger brother and YouTuber Jake Paul tried to give the boxer instructions, but they weren’t very effective in the context of the fight.

In the end, despite it being an exhibition match, with no official winner, Mayweather left the ring as the “moral winner” having dominated the entire duel.

Without being in the ring since 2017, Mayweather has arrived to the show fight with a record of 50 wins and no losses, with 27 knockouts in total, making him one of the greatest boxers of all time.

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Meanwhile, Logan Paul has a short boxing career. YouTuber Aloud stepped into episodes only once, when he ended up being defeated by fellow YouTuber KSI.

There has been no official disclosure of the grants, but Paul is estimated to have received approximately $20 million (about R$100 million at current prices), while Mayweather, whose team organized the event, will receive $100 million (about R$100 million) 500. Million dollars).