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Youtuber filed a lawsuit to enter the market with paint masks and Indonesia is assessing deportation

Officials in Bali, Indonesia, have filed a lawsuit to deport Russian YouTube and her Taiwanese boyfriend Josh Baller Lynn. The woman was sued after drawing a fake mask to enter the market.

According to the local press, Lea Si was denied entry to the market because she was without a mask. So she decided to paint her face blue in the form of a mask.

Under Bali laws, foreigners may have to pay the equivalent of R $ 370 in fine. Due to the severity of the incident, the Indonesian government wants an immediate deportation.

Not only did they break the law, but they deliberately provoked the public. A government official told the Coconut website, it was fair to punish more severely, not only with a fine, but also with deportation.

Red Sea and Josh Baller filmed the event on April 22. They deleted the video and then released another video of a lawyer saying that both are available to the courts. According to the spouses, they only wanted to “entertain” the audience.

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