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Your WhatsApp account will be disconnected from your computer soon

A WhatsApp maintenance update should cancel your account login. This happens if you are working with a messenger connected to a computer.

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The company will be making a patch to the beta version of the app soon. With this said, all accounts should suffer from instability and be disconnected from the computer.

Your WhatsApp account will be disconnected

The information was revealed by the WABetaInfo website that specializes in exposing WhatsApp spoilers. The portal claims to have found a warning banner that was programmed into the Connected Devices page. The company notice reads as follows:

“All of your devices have been disconnected due to an unexpected issue. Please reconnect your devices.” This is the message found and posted by WABetaInfo.

According to the website, the issue that needs to be resolved is related to syncing between devices. In the beta (for testing) version of the messenger, there was a bug that was bothering users. Some messages may appear on one device but not on another. Thus, the chat is compromised if the user switches between devices.

Update Effects

Although the problem was found in the beta version, all users will be affected. Thus, it is very likely that the accounts will be separated very soon. After a system update, the app may experience moments of instability. If all goes well, users will hardly notice any changes. However, WhatsApp needs to check if the fixes have already worked.

In fact, this information is intended to calm users who are turning away. At first, all you have to do is reconnect the devices to the app. This way, you don’t have to worry too much. Messages, files, chats, contacts, and everything else will be kept within WhatsApp.

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Remember that the app is constantly being updated and many other features are being tested. One of the functions of the beta version is precisely to debug possible bugs and fix bugs in the platform. Moreover, unpleasant surprises are not expected for users of messengers.