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Young Brazilians join Forbes’ list of new billionaires

Brazil has three new members in the list of billionaires in the ForbesAccording to the order published on Tuesday the fifth of this month. Henrique de Beaugrass26 years and Pedro Franceschini25, FinTech Founder and Co-Chairman BrixBoth are worth $1.5 billion each.

In addition to the two young men, 82-year-old Sasun Dayan from Banco Daikoval is on the list of new billionaires.

Founded in Silicon Valley, the United States, Brex offers credit cards to local startups. The service difference is agility: the company promises a digital copy of the card within five minutes after registration, and a physical copy within five days. At the beginning of this year, fintech received a contribution of 300 million US dollars.

In all, there are 236 new billionaires in the world, up from 492 billionaires in 2021. The freshmen come from 34 different countries. The list included 87 victims – that is, 87 people fell out of the billionaire rating. Those who stayed had a net worth of $400 billion less than the previous issue.

China is the country that has produced the most billionaires. There were 62 from the Asian country. Among them Zhang Yiming ($50 billion), founder of TikTok; Jack Ma ($22.8 billion) from AlibabaAnd the Chris Shaw (US$5.4 billion), from it is in. In the second and third places, respectively, the United States had 50 new billionaires in the ranking. and India, 29. Only 33 of the 236 newcomers are women, and only 11 are not heiresses.


Henrique Dubugras and Pedro Franceschini founded the first company in 2013. Called Pagar.Me, the company was dedicated to online payments and was sold to Stone in 2016.

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A wonder of technology, they have been engrossed in innovation from an early age. While Dubugras created his own server to host a feature-rich version of the computer game Ragnarok at the age of 14 (a company that was shut down due to patent infringements), Franceschini was one of the first Brazilians to unlock the iPhone 3, at the age of 12.

At Brex, which was founded after a period of study by the duo in the US, the deal quickly won investors such as PayPal founders Peter Thiel and Max Levchin, former Visa CEO Carl Pascarella, and Facebook investor Yuri Milner.

Brex’s business seeks to differentiate itself through the way it provides credit to startups. Rather than requiring collateral, such as income and assets from entrepreneurs, a risk assessment is made based on an analysis of the investor’s history and the company’s spending patterns and cash flow. Brex constantly monitors the financial health of its clients to see when they are short of cash. As a result, you adjust credit limits to control business risk.