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Young American collects £ 400 worth of medical supplies for his grandmother's city, India |  Scientist

Young American collects £ 400 worth of medical supplies for his grandmother’s city, India | Scientist

A young woman of Indian descent collected more than 400 kilograms of medical supplies, which were sent to Bangalore, India. IndiaWhere his grandmother and uncles live.

Nour Sheikh, 27, decided to ask for donations after being affected by conditions in his family’s country, which struck this week Record most daily deaths due to Covid-19 Since the beginning of the epidemic.

Chiak is a medical student in Philadelphia, and after hearing an 83-year-old grandmother’s account of the situation in Bangalore in a phone conversation on April 24, she said she was devastated. Then she spoke to her mother, who encouraged her to act. She said to me, ‘Are we going to cry over this or are we going to do something? “, The young lady recalls.

On The Lily’s website, Chiak explained that he sought help from his advisor at Thomas Jefferson University, Wayne Bond Law. This, in turn, contacted pharmaceutical companies, some of which got together and decided to donate supplies.

At first, the student imagined it would be just a few boxes with masks and gloves. But hospital clothing packages, even the cannula and tracheotomy kits began to arrive, and soon enough space in his college dormitory was no longer sufficient.

Relatives of Nour Sheikh help load a truck with donations received – Photo: Cloning / Breathe for Humanity

What began as a humble request became legitimate, and got its name, “Breathing for Humanity” and Blog That reports on the experience.

The first shipment, which includes 45,000 N95 masks, 12,000 face shields and 22 respirators, which was donated by the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, departed on the 10th and was supposed to arrive in Bangalore on May 17, but was delayed due to the rescheduling. .

Happy with the victory of his initiative, Chiak now hopes to fulfill his biggest wish: “To see my grandmother fully immune and to be able to leave the house again.”

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