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"You spend a lot of time making coffee."  Boris is not a telecommunications fan

“You spend a lot of time making coffee.” Boris is not a telecommunications fan

The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he wants to put an end to telecommunications for government employees because he “believes in the work environment” and that people will be “more productive, more energetic and more fulfilling” when working out of office. .

“My experience with working from home is that you spend a lot of time making another cup of coffee, then slowly get up in the fridge, cut a few pieces of cheese and then walk slowly. Go back to the laptop. Then forget what you were doing.”The governor said in an interview with the British Press Daily mail.

Boris believes new tools such as Zoom or Microsoft teams are being used “An excuse for people to stay home” And the need to “regain the habit of entering the office”.

“There are a lot of people who disagree with me, but I believe people are more productive, more energetic and full of ideas when they are surrounded by others.”Considered.

The prime minister’s statement comes as staff in Whitehall, the headquarters of the British administration, are being forced to go to the office only two or three times a week in consultation with the government to work from home.

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